Meditation as an Act of Love

In the fullness of our lives it is easy to think, speak and act reactively based on old beliefs and conditioning from our past, often rooted in shame and unworthiness.

Meditation is an opportunity to re-awaken to the love that is always here — a love that we too easily forget in the midst of our suffering. As we learn to meet the challenges and blessings of life with a kind and wise attention, so we begin to cultivate a sense of freedom, peace and joy.

This 4-day residential retreat is an opportunity to deepen your practice of meditation, in community, with clear and gentle guidance. The silent retreat format will involve guided sitting and walking meditation practices as well as mindful inquiry and gentle yoga/mindful movement.

Date:  June 6-10 2020

Presenters: Dr Mark Sherman  and Patricia Galaczy

Location: Bethlehem Retreat Centre  on Westwood Lake in Nanaimo, B.C.


               Accommodation & Meals:   $620 pp/single     $500 pp/(shared with friend/partner)


                               Early Bird:    $300   if received by April 15/20
                               Regular:       $400   if received after April 15/20

Refund Policy: You will receive a refund, minus a $50 administration fee, up to 30 days prior to the event and a 40% refund between 7-29 days cancellation. 

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