A Meeting of Minds Leadership Series

Leading with Care and Compassion

Join us for these three online “Morning Coffee Learning and Leading Sessions” on how mindfulness and carefulness can become foundations of a comprehensive approach to psychological safety and health in the workplace.

Leaders are being called to lead and care in new ways. Mindfulness and compassion need to be at the core of their practice to create a safe and caring culture in the workplace. What does it mean to be mindful as a leader, and how does this benefit your workplace? How does mindful leadership help to create psychologically safe workplaces? With funding from Canada Life, BCalm embarked on a project earlier this year to answer these questions.

The first part of this project is a paper developed by Martin Shain, S.J.D., which is a commentary on the literature in the field of psychological safety and health to date. This paper will be released at the BCalm Mindfulness Conference on November 10th during the opening keynote, and Martin will be interviewed about the content. Read Martin’s paper.

Collaborating on this project with Martin are mindfulness facilitators, Lisa Baylis and Pippa Rowcliffe, who have developed this three-part live webinar series, happening on November 15th, 22nd and 29th from 8:30-9:30 a.m. Pacific time.

Sign up now, grab your coffee (or warm beverage of your choice!) and join us for these morning sessions of learning about mindful leadership. Sessions will be recorded and will be available here for self-directed learning if you cannot make the live sessions.

About the Free, Live Online Morning Coffee Learning and Leading Sessions

Over these three sessions, leaders will be invited to learn, reflect and practice how to show up with courage and compassion in their workspaces. Participants should expect to arrive in a mindful practice, deepen knowledge through content, practice and reflect over the key components, and engage in discussions (for those who are attending in-person online). Sessions will end with practices to try throughout the week, research and resources to deepen knowledge and an invitation to integrate the concepts into the workplace.


Session One: Mindfulness

Objectives: Leaders will be able to

  • Understand the importance of mindful presence in the context of a psychologically safe workplace
  • Learn a basic practice of mindful awareness to use a foundation of presence.

This session will focus on what is being called for from leaders in today’s landscape around psychological safety in the workplace. Content will focus on how to do hard things in a human way while staying present to the practice of compassion and care with our colleagues and teams. 

Session 1 Recording Here
Session 1 Resources Here

Session Two: Self-Compassion

Objectives: Leaders will be able to 

  • Reflect on the components of self-compassion and understand the active practice of compassion being both gentle and fierce as a way of leading.

This session will focus on the component of self-compassion as the practice of showing up with courage in workspaces that are challenging. Participants will gain access to practices to use in the moment to support their inner work.

Session 2 Recording Here
Session 2 Resources Here

Session Three: Broad Compassion

Objectives: Leaders will be able to

  • Understand the wise compassionate matrix as a mindset to creating psychological safety in the workspace.
  • Define their own practice and understanding of mindfulness and compassion moving forward to support a psychologically safe workplace.

This session will focus on moving compassion from self to system. The content will share examples of brave spaces and ranges of compassionate leadership in the workspace.

Session 3 Recording Here
Session 3 Resources Here
RSVP here for all three sessions. Recordings will be available later if you miss a session or wish to review.

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