Executive Board Recruitment

Position open to:  all qualified applicants.  To reflect the diversity of the community we serve, we strive to be representative and include diverse voices on the Board.  We encourage applications from candidates that have knowledge and/or appreciation for mindfulness and meditation.

Responsible to:  Chair of the Board

 Time Commitment:  approximately 5-7 hours/month (includes attendance at monthly Board meetings)

 To Apply:  please submit your cover letter and resume to:  bcalmhr@protonmail.com

 Application DeadlineJuly 21st, 2020


Objective:  we are seeking new Board members who are committed to support the work of BCALM.   Ideal candidates have experience in areas such as:  finance or accounting, human resources, governance, law, organizational development, fundraising, or social media management.

Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Understand and support the mission of BCALM
  • Fulfill bylaws obligations and establish policies and procedures for the successful implementation of programs
  • Contribute time and expertise (including attendance at monthly meetings, annual general meeting, and participation on at least one committee)
  • Review reports to the Board, agendas, minutes, and other materials prior to Board meetings
  • Maintain knowledge of BCALM’s bylaws, strategic plan, budget, and policies 
  • Evaluate programs as well as overall organizational effectiveness in terms of adherence to mandate and service delivery
  • Ensure BCALM remains financially sound
  • Approve annual budget, contracts, and other fiduciary and legal actions
  • Welcome and mentor new board members
  • Respect board members and maintain professional and ethical standards (especially with regard to confidentiality and conflict of interest)

 Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

  • Understanding of the work of BCALM including Mission and Mandate
  • Appreciation for mindfulness and meditation
  • Understanding/willingness to learn about board membership and responsibilities
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Good communication skills including ability to give and receive feedback

 Benefits to the Volunteer:

  • Enhancement of community connections
  • Opportunity to further board governance experience, leadership, and community service skills

 Training Provided

  • Orientation to the Board and BCALM