Private Community Resources:

Many communities have teachers/facilitators trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or counselors/psychologists trained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

  • Search the internet for MBSR or MBCT in your city to find out what is available locally.
  • Most of the courses available charge a fee for participants.
  • Check out MBSR BC for certified MBSR facilitators

Publicly Funded Resources

 Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Children and Youth

  1. BC Children’s Hospital
  • Several mindfulness-based programs including:
    • MBCT / ACT for adolescents with anxiety
    • MARS-A (Mindful Awareness and Resilience Skills for Adolescents) for adolescents with psychological distress, with or without co-occurring chronic pain/chronic illness
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
    • Mindful Parenting for children and youth with ADHD
    • Mindfulness in Reproductive Mental Health
    • Adult MBSR/MBCT for physicians and health care providers
    • Mindfulness training within the Provincial Specialized Eating Disorders program
    • Mindfulness for Stress Management within the RICHER (“Social Pediatrics”) Initiative
  • These all require health provider referral. Referral criteria and availability vary.
  1. BC Crisis Centre: Mindfulness Program for youth in schools.


  1. VGH Cardiac Rehab – Mindful Living program
  • $30
  • Program Participants only
  • 6 weeks
  • Diamond Health Care Centre
  1. Mindful Living Centre
  • MBSR and MBCT courses


  1. Providence Health Care
  1. Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre

Vancouver Island

  1.  BC Association for Living Mindfully  (BCALM)
  • Art of Living Mindfully 8 week courses (MSP by referral)
  • Mindfulness in Medicine courses for physicians
  • Mindfulness in Schools
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Resources for all of BC
  1. USTAT (Urgent Short Term Assessment and Treatment)
  • Art of Living Mindfully Group
  • MBCT Group
  • DBT Group
  1. VIHA Pain Clinic –Royal Jubilee Hospital
  • Mind body group/course for patients referred to pain program
  1. Sooke Integrated Health Network (IHN)
  • Mindfulness Based Approach to prevent Depression Relapse
  1. Cowichan Lake Primary Health Care Service
  • General Stress Management Group
  1. Mindfulness Program at Nanaimo Pain Program
  • run by Social Worker
  1. Nanaimo Integrated Health Network (IHN)
  • Stress Management group
  1. Campbell River Integrated Health Network (IHN)
  • Mindfulness Meditation group

Sunshine Coast

Voice 2 Vision – Dr. Rahul Gupta

  • runs MSP funded MBSR courses for referred patients in Gibsons
  • also runs MBSR courses for physicians at Royal Columbian Hospital
  • runs a course for local Sunshine Coast teachers


Janice Snyder teaches MBSR to UBC – Okanagan Campus Staff, students and faculty

BCCA of Southern Interior

  • MBSR offered by David Greenshields
  • for people living with cancer
  • 1-250-718-2698 or


Dr. Devon Christie offers MBSR groups to patients referred to the program and covered through MSP in Nelson and Kaslo.

  • Fax 1-250-354-1912

Clear Sky Centre

  • Offers online courses and personal and group retreats in Bull River in the beautiful East Kootenays.