According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally.”

In the Art of Living Mindfully courses, we define mindfulness as the practice of being fully present with whatever is, right here and right now, with acceptance and without judgment.

Meditation is a practice of formal mindfulness. It is a practice of focusing and quieting the mind, often associated with states of of deep relaxation, peace and insight. Meditation is part of many spiritual and religious traditions and yet is also simply a tool and a skill of  seeing one’s true consciousness and how one may best relate to one’s mind and body.

CBT is a form of psychotherapy which focuses upon how a person thinks and how a person behaves as a large determinant in how a person feels about their moments, their experiences, their relationships and their life. CBT invites each of us to be mindful of our repetitive thoughts and actions, and the beliefs we hold. This allows us to create change where these cognitive behavioural patterns no longer serve us.

We are pleased to offer our Community Art of Living Mindfully (CALM) class to provide service to community members who would like to develop a Mindfulness practice for personal growth or those that do not fit the diagnostic criteria for a physician referral, as required for MSP funding.

The CALM program is identical in duration (1 x 90 minute group a week for 8 weeks) and uses the same curriculum and resources as the ALM group.

This course provides participants with a firm grounding in mindfulness based strategies useful in navigating stress and in recognizing patterns of thought, speech and behavior that may be contributing to stress. Home meditation practice is a major component of this course in order to embody concepts learned in class and to then apply them into life.

The participation fee for CALM is $350 which includes all class materials

CALM is a mindfulness based stress management program and is not intended as a therapy group and should not be seen as a replacement for treating anxiety or depression.

CALM is ideally suited for individuals wanting to develop the practice and skills of Mindfulness. The practice of Mindfulness is well known and documented to help alleviate physical and emotional stress responses and promote well-being.

Having a referral on file for Art of Living Mindfully class would preclude being able to register for CALM.

This group is not suited for individuals who are suffering from severe mental health conditions or substance abuse challenges. Please see your doctor to discuss a referral to the Art of Living Mindfully.

At this time, Community Art of Living Mindfully is offered only in Victoria.

We rent space in the community to present the classes, which are being offered on a regular basis.

Please read the information on the CALM page and sign up to the mail list to be sent class information.

Patient Targeted Courses:

British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP) covers the attendance costs of referred patients. The individual is responsible for an administrative fee of $55, payable upon registration confirmation.

All participants must understand that due to the popularity of the classes they will be responsible for paying a $25 fee for multiple absences from class and/or a fee of up to $50  for withdrawing.

Workplace/Corporate/Organizational courses:

BCALM offers 1.5 hour presentations, full day workshops or complete 8 week classes  to organizations, schools or workplaces. Contact us to find out full information

Referred Patients

You are invited to discuss with your physician the appropriateness of this class in your health care plan. If they agree, they will submit a referral on your behalf.

Once a completed referral form is received, your name will go on our waitlist and you will receive a “Welcome Letter” shortly after that which contains information about the classes, registering, etc. *Please note that we use the programs MailChimp for mass emails and PayPal for invoicing. You are requested to allow these senders in your email account and to also check your “spam” folder for communications from us*

As classes are created, you will receive email announcements of start dates/times of upcoming courses when there are seats to offer, based on how long you have been on the waitlist.

When there is an offering that suits your schedule, please respond to the email indicating the top 3 classes you would like to commit to joining. Classes do fill quickly, so you are encouraged to respond sooner rather than later.

If you get a seat in the class you will receive an email affirming your registration. This will be followed shortly by a PayPal invoice for the administration fee. The invoice will also contain your confirmation as an attachment, where you will find more info.

Payment of the fee is requested upon receipt of the invoice as this will secure your seat. Your seat will be released to another waiting participant if there is a delay in payment. 

If you are unable to get into an announced class, your name will remain on the waitlist and you will continue to get emailed class announcements until such time as you get confirmed into a class.

General Public:

If you would like to take the class privately, please read about Community Art of Living Mindfully and complete the mail list form to get your name on the email list.

Schools and Workplaces:

If you would like to arrange a private ALM course for your school or workplace, you are invited to contact us for more information and to discuss arranging a course time and location.

Patient targeted classes are held in rented venues throughout Victoria and the Comox Valley. As class dates are established and confirmed, so too are locations. This information is then emailed to those on the wait list, who can then register for one of the announced classes. Please do not contact any announced venues with respect to our classes. Direct all questions to our administrator.

Many of our groups are presented during daytime hours and thus may conflict with work responsibilities.

The classes are funded through MSP and are classified group medical visits with a physician facilitator.

For this reason we recommend consideration in asking for weekly time off from your work in order to attend these regularly scheduled “medical appointments”.

Consistent attendance in the class will allow you to bring the skills practiced throughout the 8 weeks into your life more fully, improving your ability to manage your stress and reduce suffering.

Individuals whose lives are being affected by stress related physical or mental health challenges or substance abuse challenges should see their doctor, who can determine if they qualify for MSP funding and who can then submit a referral. Referrals are only required for MSP covered attendance and the referral is available for download here. If you are not eligible for MSP coverage or would like to attend on a private pay basis, please see the information about our Community Art of  Living Mindfully classes.