Community Art of Living Mindfully

BCALM is pleased to offer a private stream mindfulness based stress management course, similar to the MSP funded Art of Living Mindfully (ALM).

This new group, Community Art of Living Mindfully (CALM), is offered to provide service to community members who would like to develop a Mindfulness practice, although do not fit the diagnostic criteria for a physician referral, as required for MSP funding.

The participation fee is $350 which includes all materials.

Is there a difference between ALM and CALM?

The CALM group is identical in duration (8 weeks -90 minutes per group) and uses the same curriculum and resources as the ALM group.

This course provides participants with a firm grounding in mindfulness based strategies useful in navigating stress and in recognizing patterns of thought, speech and behavior that may be contributing to stress. Home meditation practice is a major component of this course in order to embody concepts learned in class and to then apply them into life. Exercises focusing upon mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy complement the meditation practice. The registration costs $350 and the  course manual and guided meditation CD are included.

CALM is ideally suited for individuals wanting to develop the practice and skills of Mindfulness. The practice of Mindfulness is well known and documented to help alleviate physical and emotional stress responses and promote well-being.

The CALM program cultivates an environment of mutual respect, confidentiality, and mindful presence. We ask participants to honour this intention when the facilitator or participants are speaking and during silent practices.

Please note that CALM is a mindfulness based stress management program. It is not intended as a therapy group and should not be seen as a replacement for treating anxiety or depression. This group is not suited for individuals who HAVE a current referral to ALM or those that suffer from severe mental health conditions or substance abuse issues.

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Cancellation Policy: your fee will be returned, minus a $100 processing fee, up until the end of the first class.