BC Mindfulness Summit

In partnership with Continuing Studies at UVIC, the inaugural 

                    BC Mindfulness Summit will take place Feb 21-23, 2020


The BC Mindfulness Summit is a weekend educational event for health and helping professionals to develop and enrich their personal and professional mindfulness practices. Participants who already integrate mindfulness facilitation into their work, as well as those who are curious about how to develop these skills, will benefit from this opportunity to learn from a group of innovative and seasoned mindfulness practitioners.

‘Creating a Mindful Society’ is the theme for the inaugural year. The dialogue will focus on how the skills of presence and compassion can help our culture and society shift to meet the political, environmental and public health challenges we currently face. The BC Mindfulness Summit will be an opportunity to celebrate and nurture positive examples of change.

Developed in partnership with University of Victoria’s Continuing Studies , the BC Mindfulness Summit includes a panel discussion, plenary presentations and experiential workshops to support the embodiment of a mindfulness practice and provide tools and resources to facilitate mindfulness in a professional setting. There will also be opportunity to participate in mindful movement and meditation to replenish and connect.

The BC Mindfulness Summit is a continuing professional development opportunity for those who identify as working or volunteering in areas where a mindfulness approach to care may be valuable, including but not limited to: health care providers, researchers, counsellors and therapists, clergy, educators, and trauma-exposed workers.


Angela Connelly – UVIC
Tel 250-721-8558

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